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Safe & Efficient Demolition Contracting

MP Environmental Services, Inc. pledges to its workers the expectation that they return home to their families safely after each day’s work. We keep safety our top priority for everyone who works or lives near our job sites.

It’s no wonder that MP Environmental Services Inc. safety record exceeds industry averages in every category as documented according to OSHA and insurance company statistics. This commitment to safe performance delivers results.

Get the job done right with MP Environmental Services, Inc.. We offer interior, structural demolition and mold removal in Plattsburgh, New York. Our crew features a wide range of experience in both selective interior and structural demolition.

Performing demolition can be a dangerous business and our project managers and personnel ensure that work is performed in both a safe and timely fashion. At MP Environmental Services, Inc., no project is complete until you are completely satisfied. No matter the size of the project, our personnel are available until the project is completed.


Mold Removal

Mold Removal

Microbial and fungal infestations can be particularly devastating. If your property has recently been subjected to a fire or flood, call us immediately. Our specially trained staff thoroughly inspects your site to locate the source and extent of damages, including mold growth. We then carefully remove and dispose of all affected building materials. All areas are then restored to their pre-damaged condition with minimum inconvenience and expense.

We have worked with homeowners and General contractors to eliminate mold as a factor during the building process, as well as selective demolition and remediation following floods, fires, and other water damage.